The PA100V are public address systems with greater versatility. Such systems, whether they are applied for emergency purposes or for standard public address, are widely used to broadcast background music and to forward service calls. Their use occurs both in places with reduced surfaces such as shops, offices, churches, restaurants, both in larger structures and articulated as hospitals, schools, shopping centers, railway stations and airports, hotels, etc. The operation method is the one of the parallel connection of the speakers up to maximum output power of the amplifier. Each speaker has its own line transformer that allows installation and wiring even over long distances from the central unit. For installations complying with EVAC standards, the so-called emergency services, we propose the specific range for evacuation which comprehends support services for the design phase, speakers indicated for emergency purposes, devices able to monitor the whole system (self-diagnostics), system start-up and regular maintenance services in accordance with applicable regulations.


PA-100V components

Mobile kit